Certificate Program

Graduate Level

The Molecules Program offers a unique transdisciplinary and evidence-based approach to knowledge about psychoactive substances. Being the first program of its kind, we have developed this platform for academics, health practitioners, and the general public. You will be able to acquire and integrate knowledge and practices from different disciplines and professions.

Learn about Psychoactive Drugs

on a Professional Level

  • Build a Base

    Investigate the history, effects, potentials and harms, the different cultural and scientific traditions around psychoactive substances, and models of drug regulation. Get an overview of the main substance classes and a basic overview of neurobiology, neurochemistry, and neuroanatomy.

  • Deal with emergencies

    Learn how to assess, understand, and manage drug-related emergencies with critical care protocols and algorithms used by first responders like paramedics, anesthesiologists, and emergency doctors. Get trained in skills and perspectives that could contribute to another person´s survival.

  • Drugs in the Brain

    Learn to differentiate the pharmacological effects of the various substance classes and how they modulate activity on different neuronal networks. Get to know state-of-the-art information on a biochemical and neurobiological level.

  • Psychedelics

    Take a deep dive into the exciting and promising substance class: psychedelics. Through combining different perspectives, learn about the medical, anthropological, psychological, legal, and clinical application of these fascinating molecules.

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